Scott's started playing guitar at the age of eight, his biggest influencers being his Father Brian, and his bass playing Mother Helen. The two of them performed in the Ontario town of Wiarton for many years with Scott joining them on stage at the age of 12 for the first time. He has a degree in theater which accounts for great stage presence and showmanship. Scott's song writing skills have allowed the band to create five original CD's principally recorded in his home studio. A family man with a wife and two sons, Scott enjoys working with leather and has created some amazing guitar straps, and a few fully bound guitars. You can hear his Sunday morning radio show "Nine Hours North Of Nashville" on Sarnia's radio station CHOK.
As a graduate of the Humber College music program, Dave has performed in everything from big band jazz to a piano trio, from Austin Texas to Timmins Ontario, and now enjoys the originals and country based music of The Barnburners. Scott might say he's the best guitar player in the band, but is much happier playing the upright and electric bass. Like Scott and Brian, Dave enjoys working with his hands and has been a car nut for many years, even racing for a few of them. The bands CD's have been recorded and engineered by Dave because of his love for technology. Most every Sunday you can find him at home surrounded by his wife and family.

Brian toured for a many years fronting a rock band because of his amazing singing voice before moving behind the drum kit. As a road warrior and a lifelong student of music, Brian has performed a tremendous mix of styles for audiences in the thousands and brings a very modern sound to the band. Depending of the venue, you will hear his roots in rock emerge towards the end of a show with a vocal range that has to be heard. Like the other two members who enjoy working with their hands, Brian is a very accomplished carpenter. But number one for him is the love and spending time with his family.